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ArcheAge Gold - Don't Need Any Labor Points

Now there are some ways you do not require any labor points to making ArcheAge gold fast.

Gilda Star Daily

A large of Gilda Stars you can get though do the Gilda Star dailies and trade run, you can use to buy expensive ships and housing patterns, then sell these with a nice gold in AH or trade channel.

Trade Run
Simply bring a Trade Pack across the pond to Haranya or to Freedich Isle in the middle of the ocean.
Solis Headlands: 1 Gilda Star
Villanelle: 1 Gilda Star
Ynystere: 2 Gilda Stars
Freedich Isle: 4 Gilda Stars

Dailies to get the Gilda Stars and rest at 8pm EST.

Priestess of Nui (LV10 - LV30, each quest get 1 Gilda Star)
1. The Goddess of Nui (LV10- LV15)
2. The Hereafter’s Energy (LV16 - LV20)
3. Gifts for the Goddess (LV21 - LV25)
4. A Lily Offering (LV26 - LV30)

Blue Sale Brotherhood (LV31+, replace the Priestess of Nui daily quest and no longer accessible, each quest get 1 Gilda Star)
1. A Rare Perfume
2. Guerrilla Marketing
3. Raising a Wild Horse
4. Roadsend in Danger

Farmer's Workstation (each quest get 1 Gilda Star)
Farmer's workstation is crafted using your Small Scarecrow Design, 30 Lumber and VIscous Glossy Oil.

Menteeing / Mentoring
Menteeing quests get 1 Gilda Star, Mentoring quests get 3 Gilda Stars.
Sharpwind Mines
Kill Okape With a Mentor (LV19 - LV29)
Kill Okape with a Mentee (LV30+)

Burnt Castle Armory
Kill Hleronimus With a Mentor (LV31 - LV39)
Kill Hleronimus With a Mentee (LV40+)


Each PVP activities can get honor, which can use to buy many things, such as the popular item is Lunastones, which not bound to your character, so you can trade it in AH to get Gold fast. There are many best Lunastones you can get to sell along with their honor price.

Conquest of Auroria Will Open at November 14

The Trion has announced a new continent - The Conquest of Auroria will open at November 14 before the release of patch 1.7!

Auroria, is the northern continent in ArcheAge map, called "The Promised Land" with LV50 elites as well as places for housing, farms, mining, etc. Auroria is also a permant PVP zone with no peace periods, you can find combat anywhere on continent at any time no matter which faction you are. The escalation of tax rates based on the number of properties owned works much the same as the Southern continents, except that the tax rate in Auroria incurs an additional discretionary premium of between 2% to 50% set by the occupying guild.

There are 4 New Zones to Grab Land for housing and farms on Auroria, please grab land the first time.

Calmlands -Temperate and Arid
Heedmar - Temperate and Arctic
Nuimari - Temperate and Arctic
Marcala - Temperate and Arid

So, 14 things you should know about the Conquest of Auroria.

1. A guild/alliance will need a miner at 50K proficiency in order to mine Anya pebbles from Anya veins (only found in Auroria) and a smelter at 20k proficiency to craft 100 Anya ingots and combine it with 50 Blood Archeum (40G each) to create a Purifying Archeum pack, which is used to activate a guard tower in an area, effectively claiming it for the guild.

2. The queues are improving, and Trion's being cautious about adding new servers due to ArcheAge's population needs.

3. The factions on each server are being kept close watch on as far as population balances go (since they can be turned off to help encourage natural re-balance).

4. Auroria will be released before Patch 1.7. Trion's looking to release the zone within the next couple of weeks - not months. They will announce the exact date ASAP since this allows guilds/players to prepare to storm the castle so to speak. The release time will be region-specific.

5. Patch 1.7 is currently being translated. No ETA.

6. Players who are currently without land or would like a better plot may find that the opening of Auroria frees up quite a bit of land as well as offers them 4 new zones to grab land from.

7. Dahuta - a 10-man open world raid– isn't in the game currently due to Trion wanting folks to be on a level playing ground when it opens up. It'll likely come out with either Patch 2.7 or when Auroria launches.

8. Serpentis, an end-game dungeon intended for 10 players, debuts with the launch of Auroria – though only the strongest and bravest adventurers should seek to enter its dreaded halls!

9. Diamond Shores will come with level 55, later down the road.

10. Fishing tournaments will be coming.

11. The Farm Wagon will be available for construction! A double upgrade over the Farm Cart, this vehicle can hold a total of four trade packs for maximum trade route efficiency.

12. The Steamfish Submarine will swim into availability. Build your own and dive into a new era of stylish underwater exploration!

13. New elite enemies and field bosses will emerge from their lairs to challenge intrepid souls hungry for great rewards.

14. Fixes to trade run teleport hacks/exploits will be coming. Trion is aware of players using a hack/mod to access content not in the game yet. They're working on a fix to stop players from doing this.

Monday, September 15, 2014

8 Tips to Level Faster in ArcheAge

In ArcheAge, you have to level your character to a certain level in order to participate in the high level content of the game as quickly as possible. So, in this guide you will have all the essential tips you may need to optimize your leveling.

archeage leveling

1. Pay Attention to Quest Summaries
Do not simply run to the location of the quest when you receive a new one, but be sure to read the summary so that you do not waste time in needless movement. Indeed, the quest summary not only tells you what monster you need to kill and loot, but also informs you of any item you may need to purchase from NPCs before moving there.

2. Rely On the Quest Indicators
When you accept a new quest, an indicator in the form of an arrow with a specific symbol/number and color will appear around your character, showing you the direction you need to take to reach the quest location. No need to get frustrated if you cannot find the monster you need to kill. It was either already killed by another player and will soon respawn, or you are at the right coordinates, but on the wrong floor. Quest indicators will also help you in finding items that may be hidden by the terrain.

3. Do Not Skip Quests
Never pass a quest just because the reward for it seems trivial. Sometimes this quest will lead to a longer chain of quests offering better rewards, and rare items. Pick up all the quests that you come across. Also be sure to check your mini-map for quest exclamation marks that will not always appear on your screen.

4. Always Overachieve
Some of the quests in ArcheAge have completion conditions that vary from the others. Indeed, upon reaching 50% of the quest conditions (4/8 monsters killed for example) you can submit the quest as an Early Completion. If you exceed the quest condition however (9/8 monsters killed) the quest switches to an Extra-Progression status, up to 150-160% (12/8 monsters killed) of the quest condition where it earns the Overachieve status. Completing the quest earlier will save you some time but reduce the EXP rewards, while Overachieving will take you more time, but boost the EXP received. Which one you choose will depend mostly on your play style, but if you want to level faster, Overachieving will help greatly.

5. Learn About Hidden Quests
ArcheAge has a number of hidden quests that normally involve killing 15-20 of the same mob to reach the objective. The catch is that these quests will remain hidden until you actually kill the number of monsters required, where a quest completion tab showing the amount of EXP you received will pop up. Look for guides and such that tell exactly where these quests are located to save time, or to decide if they are worth it or not.

6. Use and Abuse Your Labor Points
As soon as you have the option of using your labor points, use them to harvest crops, chop trees, mine ores or even do a trade run. These essential components of the universe of ArcheAge not only allow you to gain ArcheAge gold and resources, but also give you a decent amount of EXP that often exceeds what you get from the early mobs.

7. Do Not Grind Mobs
One of the basic methods to level in the average MMO is by killing mobs one after another. This is not the case in ArcheAge. While you can still level that way if you want the full Sandbox experience, the EXP you receive from monsters can be pretty minimal, and must thus always be done with a purpose in mind (for quests, Overachieving, or items). In fact, leveling by killing mobs would have been a viable option if it weren't for the fact that they aren't easy to kill. If you think you can take down a monster with a couple of hits, or that you can take on a whole group for faster kills, you'll be in for a huge surprise. Most of the time you'll only be able to take on 2 monsters at most, and even then you will have to pay attention to your health bar as it dwindles pretty fast. Moreover, your Mana is limited and will go down fast the longer you fight.

8. Level with A Party
As stated above, killing monsters isn't that easy, and it will often take you around 4-5 of your skills to take one of them down. So why not save your time and Mana by getting other players to help? They will also receive EXP and complete their quest objectives. Not to mention that they'll be here to help if you aggro too many mobs.

How to Create a House in ArcheAge

Today were going to build a basic house.

aa house map

1. The first step is to get to Mirage island with at least 15 Gilda stars. This is the amount needed to build your own simple, basic house.  You could also buy any of the blueprints on the auction house and skip this step. These two red dots show where you can buy the houses from.

aa house

2. Now you need to buy your house. In this tutorial were going to be doing the cheap house which is the quickest and easiest to make.

3. Now you'll be able to see what you need in order to construct your house.

Swept-Roof Villa Design

Creates a Swept-Roof Villa in a Housing Province.

Classification: Small House
Dimensions: 16m x 16m
Decor limit: 45 items

Construction Material
-Stone Pack (1)
-Stone Pack (1)
-Lumber Pack (1)

Once completed, you can use your Teleport Book and Regal Coking Tools at the fireplace. Returned via mail if removed. Return will be delayed 22 hours if the removal is due to unpaid taxes.

-Security Deposit:20 Tax Certificates
-Taxes: 10 Tax Certigicates

Pay the security deposit and taxes to place a house. the security deposit equals 2 weekly tax payments,and will be returned when the buiding is demolished.
(Not returned if the building is removed because of late payments.)

Tax rates increase based on the number of buildings you own per server. Can't be placed on severe slopes or obstacles.

4. Now for the hard part, trying to find somewhere to place your house. Usually any of the PvP zones will have space but if you're lucky enough you'll find a space in a non PvP zone.

5. Now you need to get your 3 resource packs, 2 Stone Packs and 1 Lumber pack.

6. And that's it. It's not as hard as you might think, but don't forget to check your mail to pay your taxes.

aa house 1

ArcheAge Guide Ⅲ: How to Fast Earn Money - Auction House

There are several ways for players to show you ways to quickly make ArcheAge Gold.

Trade Run
Auction House

Auction House

ArcheAge auction house is always the place where a man becomes rich. For players, you grasp the opportunity to buy and sell in-good items, to get profits. This method to make money is available for each player. But all of players can use it very well. This guide talks about how to make archeage gold through the ArcheAge auction house.

There are five auction houses on the East Mainland and four on the West Mainland. Open your map and find a money-bag sign, which means the location of auction house.

Auction House Tab

There are three tabs in the auction interface , including "Buy", "Sell" and "Bids".

"Buy" Tab is used to purchase archeage items. You can search the items you want to buy and see the quality and price.
"Sell" Tab is used to sell your items.
"Bids" Tab is to bid your items.

It is easy to bid some common items. But it is hard to use the auction house to sell items at good price. You need to master the trend of the item prices in ArcheAge.

Here is the video about how to use auction house:

Friday, August 15, 2014

For Summer, ArcheAge's Closed Beta Event 3

Now, we are experiencing a hot summer day. At the same time, the Days of Summer in ArcheAge. Here are a ArcheAge official video. Cool.

For Summer, ArcheAge's Closed Beta Event 3: Blood & Bounty has begun! This third event started at 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7) this morning and will run until the same time on Monday, August 18! Have fun.

See More: http://www.archeage-store.com/

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How to Level Up Mount in ArcheAge Online

Source from: http://www.archeage-store.com/news/game-ArcheAge-33/How-to-Level-Up-Mount-in-ArcheAge-Online-13792

ArcheAge mounts, for players, you can buy or breed mounts. Mounts are very useful when they become adult. You can summon them to fight around the game world.

Similar to your character, a mount has its own name, health bar, stats, experience, level. and so on. For example, the following screenshot is a horse mount.

Mount Information

From the above picture, you can see mount information:

Mount Attributes: Strength, Spirit, Intellect, Stamina, Agility
Mount Stats: Vitality, Energy
Mount Armors
Mount experience Points
Mount Speed

When you gain a mount, you can give it a name, which will show over its head. If you want to change its name, you just click their health bar and output new name. Actually, as your mount is leveled up, it can do lots thing for you like your character. Additionally, you can feed your mounts to improve their attributes and stats.

If you want the mounts to fight, the first thing you have to do is to upgrade your mounts.

Mount can be upgraded by traveling. You can summon your mount to travel. In process of traveling, the mount can obtain experience points.

Fighting is another way to level mounts up. As it helps your character fight against monsters, your mount can share the experience points you gain in battle.

Finally, there is recommendation that all of mounts can not be leveled up in ArcheAge. Some of mounts, like horses, snow lions and elk, can be used to travel and fight.

ArcheAge Gold Store Online 24 Hours

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ArcheAge Guide Ⅲ: How to Fast Earn Money - Fighting

There are several ways for players to show you ways to quickly make money in ArcheAge.

Trade Run
Auction House

In order to make gold, you can fight in ArcheAge, including robbing, sea fighting, and slaying monsters.

Robbing and Stealing
You can make money by the way of Robbing, stealing and even murder in the game world. You can rob other players of boats, fish and trade goods to gain loots. As a matter of fact, any of players like do these things.
Some of players need the large areas of land to plant. They will steal others' land. The experienced players directly steal others' crops.
Robbing and Stealing make much money with a little risk. Even if you false in robbing or stealing, you have nothing to lose.

Slaying monsters
You can slay monsters and obtain archeage items with different ranks. The common items are sold to the shop in the game and gain some gold. Especially, you gain good items whose price is expensive. Sell them and you may get a large amount of gold.

Group battle
ou can attack other players' camp for Glory Points which can be exchange for the fastest mounts, maps, glory weapons and shields (you can sell those for money).
It is common that the 15-men group can be destroyed by the 10-men group with rich experience. Thus, strategies are significant in group battle. Groups must be united. Don't despised operations in battlefield.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

ArcheAge Guide Ⅱ: How to Fast Earn Money - Trade Run

There are several ways for players to show you ways to quickly make money in ArcheAge.

Trade Run
Auction House

Trade Run
Apart from farming, trade run is a way to make ArcheAge gold. The goods which produced in the Eastern continent or the West continent can be sold at high price in Freedich Island. Today, we talk about how to earn money by trade run.
Trade Run

Guilde Trade Run
In ArcheAge, there is guild trade and individual trade. As to guild trade run, the goods for trading are the common property of the whole ship's members. Meanwhile, A person of high position is liable to be attacked. It is easy to be a large robbery target.  For the sake of security, the guild can not do the most profitable trade. They just do the most secure trade. Thus, the gold for individual is not much.

Individual Trade Run
As to individual trade run, money belongs to you. Furthermore, it is more flexible to decide when to trade. Most importantly, you can choose the destination to gain higher profit. However, you individual trade run is more dangerous, because it is possible that you are robbed by players at the same level with you.

There is the most profitable route from Haranya in the East continent to the West Continent. Along the way, there are a total of five neutral zones with danger but highly profit. Each of common goods can be changed for more than 10 gold, senior goods for over 14 gold. As long as you successfully take a trip, you can earn enough money which you can spend for a week.

Before you start trade run, you must make preparations, especially, you are a new player.

Firstly, you must own some pieces of land to plant in Dawnsbreak Peninsula or Mahadevi.
Secondly, you have a donkeys, tractor and boat
Thirdly, you have to have a diving helmet and flippers. It is batter that the attributes are Mission and Wild.
Fourthly, you need to prepare 100 radishes and 100 bottles of tractor fuel. Radishes are used for the donkey to eat and Tractor fuel is to accelerate.

According to your character, you can take other items.
All preparations are made and then you can start your trade run. Hope you have a nice trip.

ArcheAge Guide Ⅰ: How to Fast Earn Money - Farming

For players, ArcheAge gold is significant in the game world. Many players want to know how to fast earn lots of money. There are several ways for players to show you ways to quickly make money in ArcheAge.

Trade Run
Auction House

There are a lot of crafting skills for you, including cultivation, farming, fishing and so on. You can depend on archeage labor to earn gold.

There are various crafting skills for you in ArcheAge. Cultivation is one of crafting, which can make money. You can cultivate different animals, such as poultry, swine, sheep, cattle and so on. Different animals require different needs as well as different harvest time. Of course, product you can gain is also different.
Take cows for example.  You can keep cows kept in your Pumpkin or safety zone around your house. Others can not grab or steal your cows. Please note that you can build your Pumpkin or house in the temperate climate of the map (press M to see the lower right corner and you can understand the climate characteristics of the map). Cows, can squeeze a milk every seven hours under temperate climate. So you can squeeze three times a day; in other climates, once every 10 hours. Additionally, in the safety zone pumpkin covers, you can keep 20 cows total.
You are able to exchange milk for gold with NPC. Or, you can sell milk to the cooker players. It is a steady income.

Based on harvest time and produce, you can plant all kinds of grain, fruit trees and other trees. Then you sell what you harvest to NPC, in which you can earn the amount of money. You can sell tree to other players to make boats as well.
Planting requires you to buy seeds or seedlings. If you don’t want to invest cost, you can gather wild trees. There are many three everywhere. You go out to cut wild trees down and then sell them.

AA Fishing

Fishing is one easy way of getting money.
First of all, you need to prepare a rod which you can make in crafting station.
Secondly, you need earthworms (when you plant crops or gather, you have some chance to get earthworms.
Thirdly, you go to fish in the sea. You have to make your proficiency reach 20,000.
Fourthly, you can build a boat (not cheap) and take fishing rod, bait (you can make in crafting station) and hooks to the deep sea. You use radar to find fish. Then you can start to fish. In general, a boat has fish warehouse which contains five medium fish; two fish can be hung on the quarter.
Fishing is a lucrative, but it is risk. You pay attention to the hostile robbery from other players.

Monday, July 28, 2014

If you are not going to spend a dime in archeage...


If you are not going to spend a dime in archeage, this is what you can expect:

1) Joining in the fun of leveling, exploring, farming materials via killing monsters, pvping (leveling / world pvp, trade run ganking, arenas, naval combat, castle sieges).
2) Joining in the fun of becoming a pirate, killing pirates, running 5 man dungeons, running 10 man raids, killing the Kraken, manning galleons, killing world bosses, being on the jury in the trial system.
3) You can still use farms/houses if others in your family or guild give you access to theirs.
4) You can still buy using the auction house.

It will be extremely difficult to participate in:
1) crafting boats, armor, weapons.
2) crafting materials needed for building a castle.
3) consistently open tons of money bags and other small loot obtained.
4) consistently mine and farm materials via gathering.

You will not be able to:
1) Own land (no houses or farms).
2) Sell on the auction house. (you can still sell via zone chat and trading).
if you pay 15 dollars a month for patron status, everything becomes unlocked and possible.

This game will be fun for anyone in a guild even if they do not spend any money.
NOTE: You ARE able to achieve Patron status (aka the 15 dollar a month fee) , by spending IN-GAME Gold.

ArcheAge Showdplay Skill Sets Combination Guide

ArcheAge Skill

As a newbie in Archeage, I'm interested in the Skill sets due to the various skills choice and combination. I supposed there is no rubbish character,if you can't play it well maybe the problem about your operation. Today,we would like to recommend several ArcheAge Showdplay Skill sets combinations

1.Showdplay + Archery

Recommendation Index: ☆☆☆☆☆
Reasons: The advantage of Showdplay skills set's long distance attack skill without CD, and high mobility to match with the Archery skill set's critical hit damage is the necessary for highly mobility long distance DPS player.

Skills Release:
Stealth(save life) -> Stalker's Mark (damage bonus)-> Charged Bolt->Concussive Arrow(reduce movement speed)->Endless Arrows->Piercing Shot

2.Showdplay + Battlerage

Recommendation Index: ☆☆☆☆☆
Reasons: This is the strong powerful skill build for melee combat players!Perfect control ability, highly critical hits damage!

Skills Release:
TripleSlash->Wallop(critical hits damage) ->Shadow Step(teleport) -> Shadowsmite(Melee Attack)-> Precision Strike(Increases Critical Damage)

3.Showdplay + Sorcery

Recommendation Index: ☆☆☆
Reasons: The highly mobility for Sorcery

Skills Release:
Stealth(close to enemy) -> Overwhelm(stun) -> Shadowsmite(deal high damage) -> Freezing Earth(frozen) -> Searing Rain (extra damage release)-> Drop Back(leap to escape) -> Flamebolt(deal massive damage)

4.Showdplay + Witchcraft

Recommendation Index: ☆☆☆☆
Reasons: The skill set of Showdplay match Witchcraft perfectly can control enemy couldn't resist in a long period which ensure the critical hit of Showdplay skill set.

Skills Release:
Stealth(close to enemy) -> Overwhelm(stun) -> Enervate(debuff) -> Banshee Wail(cause fear) -> Shadow Step(teleport) -> Shadowsmite(deal high damage)

ArcheAge Founders Packs On Steam Give Beta Access


If you're desperate to pay quite a lot of money for four days of a beta, ArcheAge has you covered on Steam.

The free-to-play MMO – described as a "fantasy-sandbox MMORPG freed from predefined paths and progression" – is hosting a second closed beta event next week, from 30 July to 4 August. If you want in on this and all future closed beta events, you can get guaranteed access by buying a Founders Pack! Which start at £36.99. Which seems a bit steep for a game that will be free-to-play on launch.

The cheapest Founders Pack available for ArcheAge is the Silver one, which costs £36.99 and offers beta access, a four-day pre-launch headstart, a "Founder" title that gives +1 to all stats, an "Experimental Glider", 2500 in-game credits, and 30 days of Patron status. The credits are valued at $20, and the Patron status is valued at $15, which comes out to about £20. I guess the beta access/title/glider/headstart are worth about £17, then.

Next up is the Gold Founders Pack, which costs hahahaha £75.99. I'm sorry, I started laughing halfway through typing that. This nets you a Traveler title (+2 to all stats), an "Exclusive Glass Phoenix Glider", an "Exclusive Desert Assassin Plate Costume", 10 Evenstones, 10 Hereafter Stones, 7500 in-game credits, 60 days of Patron status, plus beta access and four days' headstart. This time, the credits and Patron status are cumulatively valued at about £47, which means the rest of it is about £29.

If you have more money than sense and really want to drop a huge amount of cash on a free-to-play game that isn't actually out yet, the £114.99 Archeum Founders Pack is for you! Also, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. This gets you beta access, four-day pre-launch headstart, the Exclusive Glass Phoenix Glider, the Desert Assassin Plate Costume, 10 Evenstones, 10 Hereafter Stones, aaaaand… alpha access, the +3-to-all-stats Trailblazer title, the customisable Founder's Cloak (+3 to all stats), "Reagents to put your own crest in-game", six Daru Chests that may or may not contain a mount, 10 Pet Healing Potions, 11250 in-game credits, and 90 days of Patron status. Playing the valuation game again, the credits and Patron status are apparently worth around £70, so we're talking £45 for the rest of it.

There will almost certainly be other beta events, so if you do buy in you'll almost certainly be getting more than just four days of access, but I'm still not convinced that these ArcheAge Founders Packs are a fantastic deal. Still, it's your money.